His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Recap: Beach!

I am huge slacker and neither of my kids had been to the beach. My two good friends, Greg and Lizzy, got married in Gulf Port, MS. On our way out, we HAD to stop by for some quick beach fun! Greg LOVED it. Maria...not so much! 
 Chasing the birds! 
 Daddy and Greg
 Maria not so much liking the sand. 
 So happy! 
 Here comes the water! The anticipation on his face is awesome! 
 Such a stud! 
 Maria safe in Daddy's arms! 
 Mommy and Maria! 
 Attempting a picture of Maria in the sand! 
 Maria not so much liking the water! 
 Greg was a HUGE fan of the ocean! 
 We stopped off in Auburn for dinner and some SnoBiz! 
The shaved ice was a big hit! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Recap: To the Cabin!

Ronda and Ed have an AWESOME cabin out in Colorado, not too far from Fairplay! We took the day and took the kids up there and had a BLAST! This was Greg and Maria's first ATV ride! They had so much fun! 
 Ready to go with Grammy and Papa! 
 Daddy and Maria
 On the ride...
 Fun times! 
 Eyes and ears ready to go with Dillon
 Getting ready to shoot his first gun
 Lessons on gun safety with Papa! 
His first shot. He looked right at me, and said..."see that, Mommy?"

We had so much fun, and I am looking forward to our next outdoor adventure! We stayed through dinner and spent the evening out on the porch in the mountains! It was beautiful. I cannot wait to spend the night up there and make more memories with my little ones! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Recap: Heritage Square

Heritage Square is another favorite childhood place of mine. The cute little town has shops, restaurants, an amusement park, go-carts, and the infamous alpine slide!! We had a great day spending time at the park. Greg was sad he was 1 inch too short to ride the go-carts with Mommy! He did have a blast riding the other rides he was tall enough for. Neither of my children show fear when it comes to rides....LOVE IT! 
 Maria on her first big kid ride! 
 Greg and GAR
 Somehow GAR got stuck riding all the rides. 
 Grammy and Boo on the Ferris Wheel! 
So much JOY! 

I took both kids down the alpine slide. They both were so AWESOME on the way up to the top of the mountain on the ski lift!!  It was a little scary getting them on and off the lift...but they were great riders! I don't think I have ever held onto their clothing so tight in my life! They both loved going fast down the mountain with Mommy! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Recap: Casa Bonita!

Casa Bonita is a place near and dear to my heart. This Mexican restaurant has all you need...food, puppet shows, arcade, shows, cotton candy, walk through cave....it's basically Jonathan and I's favorite place ever. It is always fun taking the kids here to watch them enjoy the excitement that was once mine so long ago! :-) 
 Greg and Grammy watching the cliff divers!  
This was about the last picture I got of Greg at the restaurant. He kept Papa Bob busy walking around and looking at everything. He went into the cave with me, Papa, Pap, and GAR about 12 times! 
 Papa Bob bought Maria and Greg light up swords....very exciting! 
 Manna from Heaven...sopapillas! They make the best ones EVER! 
Maria enjoyed hers! :-) 

There was a lot going on that night, but we had a blast! As always...I need to be better with my camera! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Recap: Father's Day!

After our adventure in Glenwood, we headed back toward the Denver area for a Father's Day BBQ! It was a little weird spending Father's Day without my Dad and without my hubby, but it was still a blast! 
Grandma Judy and me! She may still be the reason I cry every time I leave CO. She told me one day I would grow out of it...20 years later...
My stud! 
GAR and Maria
Mark and me! 
Pap and me! He is one good lookin' grandfather! 
When all else fails....crate them! :-)
Grandma running through the sprinkler with Greg and Maria. She is a much cooler Great Grandma! 
Sprinkler Fun! 
Tired Maria! 
Greg and Molly hanging out! 

Although I did not get to spend the day with my Dad and Greg, it was a blessing to spend the morning with my Papa, and the afternoon with my Pap! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Recap: Strawberry Days

Strawberry days is held every year in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. My dad was born and raised here, and the weekend of parades, tent shops, food, and family is more tradition than anything. This is the first year I have gone back since the summer I turned 13. Thirteen years later things have changed in looks, but the traditions the Chavez's have held on to have not changed much at all. It was so much fun bringing Greg and Maria to Glenwood for Strawberry Days as this weekend was part of my childhood, too! 
 The car ride up! 
 Gearing up for the exciting weekend! 
 Entering the Glenwood Canyon. Seriously, this is one of the most BEAUTIFUL parts of Colorado. I love entering and driving through the Canyon! This is where I also learned every Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers song since this is what my mom played in the car when we ventured out to Glenwood when we were little! 
 Great Papa Bob and Maria sitting by the Roaring Fork River. 
When we got to Glenwood, we met Great Grandma, Great Papa, Shelly, and Porter for dinner at the Park! 
 Getting into things at the hotel! 
 Watching the Parade! Greg loved that everyone threw candy. He was expecting beads and kept asking when the beads were coming (don't judge my parenting...we like Mardi Gras! :-) )Papa Bob was helping him get candy from everyone in the parade! 
 Maria taking it all in! 
 Mommy and Maria at the Parade! 
 After lunch and nap we headed over to the park from my Grandma and Papa's big cook out! This has been a tradition since I can remember. It was nice to see so many of my grandparents friends that I have not seen since I was 13!  As always..."You look just like Mikey." It was funny just introducing myself as Mike's daughter. We then headed back to my grandparents motor home to hang out with them and Shelly and Porter!
 On our way to check out the tent shops at Strawberry Park! 
 Grammy and Boo
On Sunday morning we headed to the park for the traditional pancake breakfast. Greg was fascinated by the dance competitions going on, and Maria was busy trying to climb up the tents! We had a great weekend with family and old friends! 

I really wish I would have done a better job of taking pictures of Greg and Maria with more people. I am totally bummed I did not get a picture of them with Larry and Barb (very close friends of Grandma and Papa, Godfather of my dad!) Promising myself to get better with this!