His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Monday, August 29, 2011

"A" for Effort!

For the last two months Greg has shown an increasing awareness in the potty! He loves to be in there as we are going, as if it is some sort of social hotspot. In the last month, this interest has escalated into him telling me "pee" and going to the potty where he sits on the toilet thinking he is pretty much awesome. He has also been telling us more and more before he pees or poops in his diaper...potty training sign? I think so.

So what's a mom to do? JUMP ON IT! If he is interested, why not? I talked with my Aunt about some things to get (she works with 2 and 3 year olds every day!). So off I went to shop: potty chair (my mom had already gotten us one of these and Greg LOVED it), big boy underwear (Gerber training pants), flushable wipes, to go flushable wipes, to go potty seat covers for icky public potties, step stool for the sink (Linda bought us one!), and I think that was it! Whoever said potty training would save money was seriously wrong! HA! Just kidding, in the long run it totally will be! :-)

My Aunt also told me that Greg would be able to let me know if he was ready or not, but starting this early certainly wasn't going to hurt...so we went for it! She just kept reminding me that most boys weren't usually ready until 2 1/2, so not to worry or push it on him because then he would regress, lose interest, etc....and we don't want that!

Today was the day! Potty training...and it went something like this....

(Seriously? Who is this boy? And what did he do with my baby?)

Greg woke up and ate breakfast and then we got ready...as usual! But no diaper this time...BIG BOY underwear. He was super excited and we talked about telling mommy about peeing/pooping! He was excited and ran to the bathroom upon mentioning pee! He was also excited to see a special seat on the toilet just for him...no fears at all...great news! I was not afraid of him being scared of the big potty because he loves watching us go to the bathroom. So there we sat on the potty...and waited...read Dad's magazine...nothing! So we got down and washed hands! YAY for trying! :-)

We went to the potty every hour or when he told me he had to go! Good news of the morning: ZERO accidents while playing and hanging out downstairs! :-) Bad news (because with good news is always bad news): He would pee on the potty...but while washing his hands finish peeing on the step stool...lovely...but an easy clean up for mom! Now is was not as if he just peed a little and we were done...each time we went to the potty we were on the toilet for 10-15 minutes and until he told me he was done. There were several times he was on the potty and I would ask if he were done and he said no...and sure enough, he would pee some more. So when he said he was done...I thought we were okay! This happened three times...this finishing peeing on the stool craziness!

The educator in me said...hmmm?? Maybe his body is physically not ready. He knew the feeling of about to pee, but could not distinguish the feeling of being done. But still we persisted...next came nap time!! He was out for two hours and I checked on him a lot...no pee...I was amazed!! I heard him stirring to wake up and ran up stairs to catch him in time to go potty...I was too late! He had peed in his bed...this did not surprise me and I calmly picked him up and took him to the potty to finish any business! He was pretty upset about waking up to peeing, but that was also expected...I mean he is not even 2! So off we went to the potty. He peed a little more in the potty! HOORAY and silly potty dance from Mommy, and off we went to wash hands....when...he peed some more...again...for the 4th time that day.

I called Ronda, my Aunt, to see if this was normal or a sign he was not ready. She said what he was doing was not abnormal...but not something he should be doing every.single.time. She said he may not be ready physically to tell the feeling of being done once he starts to pee. HMMM...just as I thought...genius Mommy...perhaps!? ;)

We stuck with it though...and while at my mom's house he lost it! He refused to go to the potty and would run away when I would tell him to come with Mommy to pee pee. He then had three accidents and did not even tell me he had to pee or even after it happened, that he was wet. Regression = stop ASAP!

So we stopped! We want him to have a good experience and he was telling us "not ready!" And sure enough when we came home, before bed, Daddy was in the potty and Greg was right with him in his favorite hang out, helping with TP and magazines. Yay for an interest still, right?

Greg certainly did an awesome job today! "A" for effort, for sure! :-) Ronda said to try again in a few months if he is still showing interest and reassured me that stopping will not affect him when we try again, as he was not ready this time and that it was okay for him not to be ready and that we did all we could to help him start out! She reminded me that pushing him when he is not ready will hurt him and cause the experience to be hard and no fun for him...which is not what it should be. So I breathed a sigh of relief, put away the potty training materials, and decided take 2 will happen in Novemeber...if he is still showing interest, of course!!

Just playing the guitar like a big kid!
True story...the magazine!
Exciting stuff on the potty!

Mommy kuddos of the day: I have way more patience that I ever imagined I could have! It was so much fun to prep for potting training, to see his face when he saw his pee come out, and to watch his excitement as he stood on the stool to wash his hands...even if he did pee every time he washed his! ;-) The fact that I did not yell or become angry simply amazed me, as I knew this time needed to be happy and full or praise and love! I guess I can get an "A" too, even though the end result was not as I had hoped for!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Around the US: Tiny Town, CO

Yep...true story...this is a real place...and guess what? Everything in the town in TINY! Tiny Town is located near Morrison, CO. Where is Morrison, you ask? You will find Morrison in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains...perhaps about 25 minutes away from GAR's house!
Our visit to Tiny Town was inspired by the boys' annual trip out to CO. My dad, Jack, and Greg were traveling back home, and saw a sign for Tiny Town. Jack and Greg asked my dad what Tiny Town was, and my dad told them it was a town where everything was miniature. Jack and Greg did not believe my dad...but here is the proof that Tiny Town is exactly as Papa described it! :-)

CARS! We love cars!
Holy Buckets...I can touch the roof!
Just hanging with the big kid cousins: Dillon, Mark, and Eryn! Apparently all of the boys felt the need to lean on this building as the picture was taken...they are weird!
Miss Maria just hanging out...not her best photo...the CO sun was bright in the mountains!
Where is Maria?
Mark and his Jelly Roll! :-)
Maria and GAR!
Just taking a rest!
Mommy and the kiddos!
I made them do this...and it may be the most awkward picture ever! Dear Mark and Dillon: sorry I made you look like losers.
There was no UPS in Tiny Town, so we hung around the FedEx store instead. I contacted someone I know at UPS Corporate (Dad) to remedy the situation. I'm not sure he took my request seriously!
Hmmm...this bench is just my size!
Hanging out at the Tiny Town Library!
LET ME IN!! HA! Greg was really determined to get in the Saloon of Tiny Town.

Tiny Town also had a great RailRoad ride that Greg LOVED!! I did not get any pics of this! I was busy holding on to his shirt in fear that he would stand, or jump, or lean, or fall out of the train!

We then grabbed some ice cream before heading out...and of course, a visit to the Souvenir Shop! Grammy bought Maria and Greg super cute Tiny Town shirts to remember their visit!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Around the US: Stone Mountain

Well we did not head far from home for this summer adventure! We ventured out with Grammy and Papa for a day at Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain is one of my favorite places and I love taking the kids here, and cannot wait for some cooler weather so we can enjoy the outdoors a little bit more!
Up the tram we go to the top of the mountain!! It will be nice when we can hike the mountain as a family!
Maria enjoying the ride up!
Off Greg and Papa go to explore the mountain!
Grammy and Maria found a cozy spot to hang out!
Papa and Greg pointing to all of the exciting things around them!
Maria walking on the mountain!
Papa and his little buddy!
Tired girl coming down the mountain!
She did not really make it to the car! Stone Mountain was way too exciting for her! ;-)

We are looking forward to the fall weather and many more trips back to enjoy all of the fun Stone Mountain fall and winter activities! Thanks Mom and Dad for a year pass to the park!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God is GREAT!

This ADORABLE little man is my Godson!!!
Evan Michael!!!

Rebecca and Zach welcomed the newest addition to their family on August 11, 2011!
This past Sunday, Greg and I headed over with the kiddos to bring Zach and Becca communion after Mass. They asked us to be little Evan's Godparents and we were beyond thrilled to accept!! We are so very excited to be a part of his spiritual growth in the Catholic faith!

On the way home, Greg said to me, " I don't know about you...but I was holding back tears when they asked us to be his Godparents!" MELTS my heart that my hubby is excited and just as passionate about being a Godfather as I am to be Evan's Godmother!

Little Evan, we are so blessed and honored that your Mommy and Daddy asked for us to help to raise you and guide you in the Faith! We cannot wait to teach you all about Jesus and His love and grace!! We love you!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watch Me Grow...7 months!

True story, this little lady is already 7 months...as of August 6th!

The Tigger shoot this time around was HILARIOUS! She would not just lay there...she was all over Tigger!
Shot number one: looking at the camera, yes...stretched out to show her length...no so much!
She thought this was funny and kept giggling!
Then she grabbed him and dragged him all over!
Take 2: a little better?
Well here we go...the best we got! We are not looking at the camera, but we are sort of stretched out!

So what is the little peanut up to these days?

*I have no idea how tall she is or how much she weighs (maybe 18 1/2 pounds?) We go to the doctor again at 9 months...so I will know then!
*Maria is in size 3 diapers.
*She wears 6 months clothing, and has recently moved into 6-9 months, as well! She has quite the wardrobe and I love picking her clothes out each day!!
*She sleeps like a CHAMP! Praise God! She naps three times a day! A morning nap for about an hour, an afternoon nap for 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours, and a late afternoon nap for about an hour. She goes down for the night around 8:15 and sleeps until 7:15/7:30!

*Maria also loves to eat...surprising based on the size of her thighs and cheeks, right? HA! She eats a bowl of oatmeal with fruit in the morning, a 6 ounce bottle at 11, 1 veggie and half of a fruit (stage 2) at 2, a 6 ounce bottle at 5, and an 8 ounce bottle with lots of oatmeal at 8! I have a feeling all of her bottles with be 8 ounce bottles soon...as in starting today! :-)
*Maria still just has the bottom 2 teeth waiting to poke through...you can only feel them when you push on her gums!
*Maria is CRAWLING EVERYWHERE!!! She if getting pretty quick and is one determined little girl!
Big girl just hanging in the kitchen!

*She pulls up on everything! A few times she has taken a step or two while up on the chair, coffee table, couch....
*She LOVES Greg and loves to tease him by taking his stuff! :-)
*She plays very well in the playroom with Greg.
*She really likes to chew on Greg's cars and on the balls from the ballpit.
*She no longer likes to be in the exersaucer.
Trouble with a capital T!

*Maria LOVES to be outside! She loves to swing in her swing or just look around!
*Maria goes with the flow in all we do! She really is the easiest baby in the world!
*Maria recently discovered the DVD cabinet and loves to open and chew on the cases!
*Maria is obsessed with playing cards and when Greg takes his cards out to play with she goes for them immediately to chew on! We have lost several cards to drool if she gets to one before we can catch her!
*Maria still is not one for cuddling! She certainly loves to be carried around, but the moment you sit...she wants down to move!
We don't really encourage caffeine before bed...or at any time! ;-) Photo courtesy of my mom!

*She prefers to be left alone to fall asleep! I just turn on the lullaby music on her dog, Violet, and she is out in minutes!
*Most of the time she wants to be where Greg is. She even cries if he leaves her in the playroom by herself.
*Maria is a Mommy's girl and wants to know where Mommy is at all times...especially in new environments or with lots of people around.
*Maria is always smiling! She really only cries if she is hurt!
*Maria kicks her legs and moves her arms any time she sees that her food is being made!
*Maria is not interested by TV...only if a song is on!
*She LOVES bath time with her brother! She just sits and plays and laughs so hard when Greg makes big splashes!
My friend, Rebecca, took this picture and I'm kind of obsessed with it!

Another month is in the process of flying by way too quickly! As I am planning for Greg's 2nd birthday in about a month, I am realizing I will be planning her 1st birthday party three months after Greg's! Time if flying....but we are enjoying every moment!! :-) People are not lying when they say they will be off to college before you know it...

big girl hanging in the grass!
tub toy fun!
Clean baby girl!
She works hard for the sippy cup to work!
Brotherly/Sisterly love!! :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Take me out..

...to the BALL GAME! For Father's Day, Greg and Maria got Daddy (and Greg) tickets to see the Gwinnett Braves play. This was super special for Greg, as it was little man's very first baseball game. Although we live super close, we didn't see a point in spending money on tickets until Greg got older and could sit still in a chair for longer than 5 seconds! Although he did not stay put the entire time, he did very well Daddy reported! :-)

Here were some fun pics of Daddy and Greg's special day!!

Just sitting like a bog boy with my pop! What a treat...that Sprite is HUGE!
No need to put the pop down when I can multi task like a pro!
WOW! This is great!
Lounging out watching the game! SO cute!
Sprite and water...he was very thirsty!
This makes me smile...his Auburn hat is getting a tad too small...time for a new one!
Clapping to the cheers!
Baseball game and hotdogs just go together!

Daddy and Greg!!!