His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November in CO!

There are many things I love to do...but visiting my family in Colorado ranks as my number 1! I hate that I know longer live there, and there are days I dream of moving back just to be near all the ones I love! The kids, my mom, and I headed out a few weeks ago to surprise Mark for his 16th birthday! I love surprising Eryn and Mark! :-) It was a very relaxing week with no big plans...just visiting and hanging out! We were able to have lunch and visit my Aunt Shelly, enjoy celebrating Mark's birthday and my Grandma's 70th birthday, and I took Mark for his driving test!(I was mistaken as his mom...that made me feel OLD!)

WARNING: picture and caption overload! 
 Maria hanging out with Great-Great Grandma! 
 Mark and me!! :-)
 Great Grandma and me! 
 My Grandma and me! 
 Maria started this unique fashion trend of a swim diaper hat while we were there! 
 Maria LOVES Mark. She is like his little shadow when we visit! 
 Greg and Great Pap wrestling! I love that Pap gets down to play and wrestle! How many Great Grandfathers still wrestle?? :-)
 Ed and Greg! As you can see the swim diaper hat was catching on as a fashion trend! 
 GAR in her stylish swim diaper hat and Greg! 
 Mark and Maria love! 
 Story time with GAR
 Greg passing on the story to Mark
 A very terribly lit picture of Eryn and me! 
 Greg and Great Grandma
 Maria helping Mark with his math homework! 
 Mother daughter love! The first two generations of women represented out of the 5 generation of women present! 
 Greg enjoyed helping Eryn put sticky notes in her book! 
 Ronda and me! 
 Great and Grand Ed! 
 Seriously? He 's adorable! 
 Dillon and Mark being super surprised! 
Having some quiet time with Uncle Ed and his dragon Elliot!  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween!

Here are some pictures from our evening! We had a great time! The kids loved trick-or-treating! 
 Carving out pumpkin! 
 so messy! 

 The best part of pumpkin carving! 
 Waiting to be let outside for trick-or-treating! 
Happy pirates! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kindermusik meets Halloween!

It was tons of fun to start off our Halloween morning with our weekly Kindermuik class! We love Ms. Dana and we look forward to our class each week! 
 Pirate Maria playing her drum! 
 Pirate Greg playing his drum! 
 Maria though it would be fun to lay down and play! 
Ms. Dana and her class! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Carnival

Greg's school had a Halloween Carnival on Tuesday! It was so much fun to dress the kiddos up and to spend the day at Greg's school with his little class! I also know why God never called me to be a preschool teacher...I was spent when we left at noon! 
My super cute pirates! 
This was Greg's artwork hanging up in the classroom! Adorable, I know! 
Greg and his dear friend Zoe! 
Trick-or-Treating...around the parish offices! 
Opening all the goods! 
Game Time! They had lots of fun games set up for the kids and they all had a blast! This was musical chairs...3 year olds do not understand this game...
Music Class Time! 
Flapping our arms like bats! 
Maria wanted to be in preschool...
Pretending to be a train! 
Pumpkin Patch Time
She found a good one! 
A very cute boy with a pumpkin! 
Class Picture! 
Greg was being a sweet big brother and let Maria help him decorate his pumpkin! 

Halloween Hands!!! 

The entire morning was so much fun! We are very blessed to be a part of the Prince of Peace Preschool Community!