His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bath Time!

Maria had her first sink bath on Sunday! She LOVED it. She was not so much a fan of the sponge bath while we were waiting for the umbilical cord stump to fall off. She really hates being cold, so being in the nice warm water with her whole body under was just her cup of tea! She does so well during bath time. She does not like to be taken out since she gets a little chilly...but once she is dressed she's a happy camper again. Here are some pictures from her first bath experience!

HMMM??? This is new!
...and I like it!
A little rest and relaxation!

And some cute pictures of my little man...
Riding the ATV in the kitchen!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picture Post!

Greg getting into things...surprise!
Breakfast time with blankie!
He decided he wanted to try out the swing again!
Maria hanging out in the ballpit!
He was so tired he could not even stay upright on the horse!
SOOOOO sweet!! Love them to pieces!
My little ones and me!
Greg showing Maria what tummy time is all about!
Sleeping burrito!
Daddy and his princess!
I love a good chest nap!
My sweet big boy reading in the car!
He likes to smell her.
Smelling the head.
All bundled and ready to head out!
Greg sitting inside his drum!
Silly face with GIANT cheeks!
He loves the tupperware!

Sunbathing to become less yellow!

Things continue to go well here!! We are loving our life with the four of us! It's hard to believe that Maria will be 3 weeks old already tomorrow! Even harder to believe that Greg will be 16 months old on Sunday! Just a few updates on the kiddos!

Maria is eating every 3 hours now! YAY! She still sleeps through the night! Double YAY! She goes down around 10 and sleeps until 4! I wake her up again at 7, and she sleeps until 10! She had her first bath in the sink this past week, too! (I'll get pics up soon)! She is a very easy going baby. She cried when she's hungry and when her boopie falls out of her mouth, and that's about it!

Greg is adjusting great! He is such a cute big brother. He is constantly kissing and loving on her. He does have his moments when he wants to slap her face, but these are rare! He had blood drawn from his yesterday for his allergy test! It broke my heart...he had to get stuck with the needle twice since they could not get the vein the first time. He cried, but as soon as it was over and I held him he immediately stopped crying and was back to himself by the time we hit the elevator! He wanted down in the elevator and wanted to walk out to the car on his own...such a big boy! Hopefully we will know the result of the test soon to confirm everything he is allergic to!

We are having a blast and cant wait for some of these freezing temps to get back up so we can play outside again for longer than 10 minutes! :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life with 2! :-)

Thus far things have been going great! We are certainly settling into our family of four. Maria is already 2 weeks old...seriously, where did 2 weeks go? So how have things been going?? Here's what's been going on:

Baby Greg is getting used to the idea of taking on the role of big brother. Let's be real...there was no prep I could have done in telling him he was going to be a big brother and have to share his mommy's attention...he was just too little to grasp this concept. He has done great, though! The first few days were rough...especially for me! He would not look at me, talk to me, hug me...nothing! He was clearly very upset that I brought this other baby into the house! After a few days of that, he decided he was going to like me again! For the first week, he was much more sensitive about life, in general. He would get angry if it was HIS naptime or HIS meal time and I was giving attention to Maria. He would come up and grab my legs and push me away from Maria or pull on me until I picked him up! This was not so much fun for either of us. It was so hard to hear one of them cry because my attention was on the other one...but we are working on it, and things have gotten better! Greg is doing great with his baby sister this week! He gives her kisses ALL OF THE TIME! Melts my heart!!!! He loves to look at her and shows concern when he hears her cry. He always stops by the pack n play to check on her while he is busy playing! The other day I was burping her and he grabbed her under the arms and plopped Maria right in his lap to hold her. He sat there for about 10 minutes just holding her, smelling her feet and hands, and giving her LOTS of kisses! It was so very sweet! He still is acting out a little bit when I am nursing her by doing things he knows he should not be doing (grabbing the fireplace tools, taking down picture frames, etc). He is very smart and knows that there is not a whole lot I can do but yell at him from wherever I am sitting! He is being such a sweetie, and I have loved watching him interact with Maria!

Maria is a champion sleeper. She must get this from her Dad (Greg can sleep anywhere and through anything!)! She goes down after her last feeding and is out by 10:15 and does not wake up until about 3:15. She eats and is out again by 4, and sleeps again until 9/10! God must have known that I needed a good sleeper since my sweet boy is non stop all day long!! :-) She still naps a lot during the day, too, which is good, since it gives me time to sit and play with Greg! She is also a pretty good eater. She has a little bit of reflux like Greg did, but nothing to be too worried about at this point! She has such a sweet disposition, and has been a very easy baby (just like her brother!). She rarely cries. We have only heard her full out cry when she has been hungry. She eats every 2 hours during the day, and likes her food source ready in a timely manner! I am totally fine feeding her this often during the day since she sleeps through the night!

Mommy and Daddy are doing great too! We have loved sharing our lives with these two wonderful children! We count our blessings each day and we are so blessed to have these two little ones! I am still recovering from breaking my tailbone during labor, but other than that...we are all well! My mom has been a HUGE help! She took two weeks off of school. She comes over every day for a few hours to help out! It has been great, especially as I figure out how to mesh schedules together! Having her there to rock Greg for at least one nap, and even some bedtimes has been a HUGE help to me. The longer I sit on my tailbone the more painful it becomes! Again...so blessed to have her to help me out!

I am not on my computer right now so I cannot post pictures at this point! I will get pictures up tomorrow of the kiddos from the last week or so! :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


...in Georgia!

First, a white Christmas, and then a blizzard??? I thought I had moved to GA?! It has been so much fun! The little man has had a blast playing outside in the snow! We are on day four of being pretty much snowed in. We are all getting a little restless in the house...and unfortunately, it does not look like the snow will be melting away anytime soon. The roads everywhere are closed and not so great for driving. Our county has closed schools for a fifth day now due to the icy conditions. The nights get so cold, everything keeps refreezing, and let be real, the south is not equipped well with an abundant amount of salt trucks and plowers! Here are some pictures that Heather took of the little man outside. Maria and I hung inside since she has no interest in playing in the snow and is currently in no mood to chilly!
7 inches of snow with 1/4 inch of ice on top makes walking difficult
Jonathan gave me a hand
Sledding on the toy box lid!
Action shot! He's so happy! :-)
LOVE :-)
Down the hill I go with Heather, while Papa pulls us!
Tackling Papa in the snow!
Grammy and Maria nice and warm inside!
Greg did not want to come into the house AT ALL! He threw a HUGE fit! He loves being outside, but it was time to thaw out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Announcing the arrival of...

Maria Grace!!

We are so very excited to finally welcome our sweet baby girl to the world! She was born on January 6 (the Epiphany!) at 2:15pm. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces! (1 pound, 2 ounces more than Greg!) She was 21 inches long. (The exact same as her big brother!) Here are some pictures from her special birthday!
Hello world!
Getting so fresh and so clean...
Trying to get warm again!
Mom and Maria...Mom looks gross!
Baby Greg meets Baby Maria. Maria made him a bear...he was not a fan of bear or new baby!
Greg smells Maria...he thought she was poo stinky!
Papa and his new princess? HAHA...yeah...right!
Nannie and Pappy with Greg and Maria
Greg gives Maria a kiss! SO sweet!
Grammy and her little peanut!
Uncle Jonathan/Godfather passing on words of wisdom!
Family shot!
Heather/Godmommy and Maria
She looks like her Mommy!

We came home the next evening and have LOVED having her home. My labor with Maria was much longer than with Greg. (A total of 16 hours verses 6 hours...not fun!) The highlights of labor: went to hospital around 11 pm Wednesday night. Walked the halls trying to get my contractions stronger until 2 with breaks in between to get my vitals and Maria's vitals checked. Rocked in a rocking chair all hooked up until 6. Got petocin drip at 7. Water broke at 1230. Contractions got super strong. I asked for epidural around 1. Epidural complete at 2. I started to push at 2:05 (epidural got to my calves before I delivered Maria...so I guess it was a natural birth! :-) ) Overall, it was not too terrible!!

We are getting settled into our routine and loving life with the two of our sweet babies!!