His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, December 20, 2013

Let's do fall!

It's true...2013 was not my blogging year! I really want to get back into this, and have made it one of my resolutions for 2014. So much is happening in the lives of my babies and I have been a huge slacker in documenting online for all of my family to see! So sorry.  So here's a brief recap on FALL! 
 Maria had her very first day of preschool! She has done great with school. She has not once cried leaving the car...big brother walks her to her classroom everyday! 
 Greg loves school this year! He is learning a lot to and has really done great with progress in his fine motor skill areas! 
 Day trip with Daddy to go ride the ATV! 
 Urgent care visit...door corner into Greg's face left him with 5 stitches! 
 He was a trooper though and his face has healed nicely! 
 Greg turned 4! We had a birthday party at the indoor aquatic center! Spiderman was our theme! 
 Missing an friend...
 We found out baby 3 is going to be a BOY! Joshua Kolbe! 
 A day trip to the pumpkin patch, corn maze, and Helen with some great friends! 
 Evie and Maria on the hayride! 
 Mommy and her little pumpkin face! 
 We took the kids for their first game at Jordan Hare! What a wonderful day it was to share all of the Auburn traditions with my little loves! 
 Campus is big, so dad got a great workout in! 
 They believe in Auburn and LOVE it! 
 Family shot at the game! 
 Pumpkin carving for Halloween! 
 Spider girl! 
 Trip to my high school alma mater's game! 
 Maria has her first all girl birthday party at the Cabbage Patch to celebrate Zoe turning 4! 
 Holding the newborn Cabbage Patch doll! 
 Maria and her new baby! 
 Dad and Greg took the ATV out while we were at the Cabbage Patch
 We had a record breaking Confirmation retreat at Covecrest! 
 Celebrating Thanksgiving at school! 
 Thanksgiving round 2 at Prince of Peace
 Great Grandma and Great Pap visited for Thanksgiving! 
 Jonathan and Heather surprised us all for Thanksgiving! 
 We miss them! 
 Celebrating Advent! 
 Maria made us an Advent wreath
 Santa Claus visits Grammy's house! 
 Maria does not cry for the first time on Santa's lap...third year's a charm! 
And now we are preparing for the celebration of the Incarnation of our Lord! 

That sums up the Fall for us...very briefly! Working on blogging more...bring it 2014! :-)