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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No More Babies: Potty Training (Day 2)

Oh, Potty Training...I am TIRED!

Short post and update on the big boy!

Today was crazy. Greg's excitement about the potty and peeing in the potty went to defiance and testing boundaries! AH! I was EXTREMELY grateful that every time he had to poop he did so in the potty! YAY! Pee on the other hand was quite the challenge. This morning he only had two accidents, but after nap time, I think he only peed in the potty 3 times....and had several accidents. Looking back on the day, I drew some conclusions.
1. Most of the accidents occurred when he kept telling me no he did not have to go because he thought he was going to miss out on something. No matter how many times I promised we would come back to the activity, it was a fight to get to the potty. He would do a tiny bit on the potty, say done, and then finish peeing once he got back!
2. He is still very motivated by the reward of an M&M. Many times he would pee just enough to get an M&M, but not enough to empty his bladder. Tomorrow we are going to work on getting all the pee out before getting our M&M!
3. He was testing boundaries like no other today. He fought me going to the potty many times. He would keep saying no any time I asked him. This was just crazy to me since yesterday evening he was telling me when he had to go!
4. After talking to Ronda I feel better. She teaches preschool and works in helping parents potty train their kids. She told me Greg's defiant behavior was normal and he was testing his boundaries. She said a lot of kids going through a big change like potty training will have a rougher time on day 2 of things!

And so we continue...and we hope and pray for an easier day tomorrow! I never knew how draining being so positive could be! We handle every accident with a smile and calm words of encouragement...when really all you want to do is scream! :-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No More Babies: Potty Training (Day 1)

For reals! Potty Training! AHHHH!

I am so proud of Greg! He made it through Day One of potty training! He was awesome!

I gave Greg a small pile of diapers this morning, and told him that he was a big boy and got to wear big boy underwear from now on. I showed him a pair, and he got pretty excited. I told him that he needed to give his diapers to Maria. He said, no. I said, "oh no, then we can't wear big boy underwear." He walked over to Maria, but looked at me and said, "Scout needs diaper." He then passed his diapers on to Scout (his stuffed animal). Bottom line: he passed the diapers along!

Before nap time at 12:45, Greg only had 4 accidents! YAY! He would always tell me when he had peed, and we just kept the positive encouragement and words coming at him! Starting around 11 I took him to the potty every 15 minutes, instead of every 25-30 and this helped tremendously, and he was accident free until nap time! It was hard for me to get Greg to stop playing or running around to come to the potty that often...so I bribed him with an M&M and it worked. He also got an M&M when he went in the potty!

After nap time and until bed time we only had 1 accident! WOOHOO! It happened after he woke up from his nap. We went to the potty, and he peed, but it was as if he didn't get it all out, because about 3 minutes later he peed on my carpet! I continued to take him every 15 minutes until 4ish, and then we took him every 30 minutes. He was with my mom this afternoon, and she said that by 5ish, he was telling her if he needed to go and he even pooped on the potty! YAY! With the combination of taking him every 30 minutes, and him telling us when he needed to go, we were accident free all evening!

We are using Pull-Ups at night and for naps until he wakes up consistently with dry ones! This afternoon he really did not have much pee in his Pull-Up, so I am hoping that the nap time Pull-Up will be gone with soon. I am making sure to get Greg as soon as he wakes us (instead of letting him play a little) so as to get him on the potty ASAP!

YAY! BIG BOY! (For reals...this boy is skinny! His underwear barely stays up!)

Bottom shot! :-)

We are so incredibly proud of Greg! Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

God made dirt...

...and dirt don't hurt! :-)

We had some wonderful weather in the 70s last week! With that, the kids and I spent as much time outside enjoying our backyard and fresh air as possible! They play so well outside together and I really do not have to worry about either of them getting into anything. I was enjoying my book, when I looked up to see two little ones covered in mud! They had found world's smallest amount of water by my Mary statue and had gone to town playing in the dirt and water!
Maria decided to try some mud as a snack, too! YUM!
Happy girl playing in the mud!
Messy hands!
His shirt was not able to be saved. Georgia clay is not forgiving!

This makes me excited to have more and more warm weather! My kiddos love the outside and I can't wait for lots of outside play, pool time, and picnic lunches outside!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

Disclaimer One: There is a ridiculous amount of pics for this post.
Disclaimer Two: Most of the pics were taken from my friend Mandi. Thanks friend for documenting our trip so well! :-)

And so we begin our journey to New Orleans...
Greg thought it would be best if he drove down. Mandi and James picked us up and we packed up and headed out! It was great to have some good company to travel the 7 hours with in the car!
Pitstop in Auburn for lunch...and of course, some Toomer's lemonade!
My lovely friend, Mandi!
Second Pitstop at random gas station. We ran into Auburn's coach and stopped in to get our picture with him!
Listening to his Kindermusik CD with headphones!
Arriving at the hotel to unpack before heading to the parade. Maria being gansta!

Parade Number One: Orpheus in Mandeville!
Getting ready for the floats!
Love these girls! Mandi, Lizzy, Maria, and I had to hang tight as the only girls!
Maria's first beads caught at Mardi Gras!
Koerner family sealing the deal for some beads!
Check out our loot! We came home with tons of beads, stuffed animals, light up toys, spears, and swords!
Our wonderful car buddies, Mandi and James!
Group photo after the parade!

The next morning, Greg and the kids and I headed to New Orleans for some exploring!
Family shot on Bourbon Street!
Maria and Mommy
Greg and Daddy!
Saint Paul's Cathedral! It was soooo beautiful inside!
She got very heavy after a while! We missed our stroller!
Love these two boys!

After our tour of New Orleans, we headed to Lizzy's parents' house for the crawfish boil!
Greg fighting the live crawfish with his mouth!
Crawfish fight!
Our wonderful chef and Mardi Gras host and organizer! We love Greg!
Greg's first bite of crawfish!
Baby from the King Cake!
She's a cutie!

Parade Number Two: Endymion in New Orleans!
Greg's shoulders were very sore the next day!
Mardi Gras!!!
Brendan was excellent at sealing the deal for beads!
Scott and his new buddy, Maria! Love both of their faces in this picture!
Patrick with his new little friends! He was so sweet to my kiddos all weekend long!
Maria was a ladies man!
Group shot after Mass at the Rusty Pelican!
See you next year Mardi Gras!

Friday, February 17, 2012

No More Babies: Big Boy Bed!

I seriously cannot believe how fast Greg grew out of his toddler bed. It was a lot of fun putting his big boy bed together though! We loved the Cars sheets and comforter, and Greg has had this new obsession with Mater...and it was all on sale...bonus! We could not help but buy the Lighting McQueen and Mater pillow pets to go with his bed...those were not on sale.
How were these parts ever his crib? Convertible cribs ROCK...thanks Grammy and Papa...you have saved us tons of money!
We did end up putting the side rail up because the box spring with the mattress made this bed super high! He had no problem transitioning into the big bed, and has loved it. He tells the characters on his pillow to close their eyes to go night night when he does. Cute. He sleeps so soundly in this bed, and it was clear he was ready to have some space since he was just inches from hanging out of the toddler bed. With any luck, and assuming Greg doesn't hit 6 1/2 feet while in this house, we will be good to go on this bed until he leaves for college. What? College? Time, slow down!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Batting 0 for 2 today!

It's true that there is never a dull moment in our house...ever! Let me explain...

This morning I grabbed Maria from her crib around 8, checked on Greg who was still sleeping, and proceeded to take Maria down stairs. Maria and I had breakfast, changed her diaper, and got her ready for the day. As we sat down to play, I heard Greg calling me...it was 8:40! Woohoo...he slept in, and I had felt like I had had such a great little morning with Maria! He called me again, "Mommy, I poop." Nothing out of the normal, he has done this many times before when waking up from a nap of from the night. It's nice he can express these things! And then I went up stairs...

You will not see any pictures of this event for obvious reasons...I would have taken pictures, but was so disgusted to do anything but clean Greg up.

Upon arriving upstairs to Greg's room, he holds out his poop covered hands. Gross. Nasty. Good morning Mom. As I got closer, I realized that poop was on his hands and face, and by face I mean mouth. UGHHHH! Seriously? Who wants to start the morning off like this?

So off we went to the bathroom to wash our hands and face and mouth. As I went into his room to examine the damage I saw little poop handprints all over his side rail....so gross. Poop on the side rail. Poop on the headboard. Poop on the foot board. Poop on the sheets. Poop on the comforter. So after stripping the bed and sterilizing Greg's room we began our day.

9 AM. Kids -1, Mommy - 0.

As I was making dinner, Maria started climbing up the chair to try and reach her booster seat. The chair came crashing down on her. Screaming. Running. Chaos. And this was the result.
Although this picture does not quite capture the severity of her bump, you can see it. It's that purple round bump on her head. If you look closely you can see another one on the right side of her head. Lovely.

They win today. Kids -2, Mommy-0.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No More Babies: See Ya High Chair!

It's true. I have no more babies. I have two toddlers. Maria certainly did not stay a baby long. She grew up so fast, and I can hardly believe the transitions she is going through.

Adios High Chair! This past week we said goodbye to the high chair. We bought Maria a booster seat and she has loved it. Here are some pictures of the big girl experiencing her first meal at the table!
She was a little confused with the plate action.
Mom...too early for the camera!
Breakfast is so good!
Professional table and plate eater after 2 minutes.
Breakfast buddy Greg!