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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watch Me Grow...18 months!

For reals!!!!!!!!! 18 months!!! 1 1/2!!!! I just cannot believe it. My baby is definitely not a baby any longer! I think I may be in denial, but looking at pictures and thinking about writing this post made me realize that Maria is getting to be a big girl. Her half bday was on July 6...I'm a little late!  But here is what she is up to:
*Maria weighs 24 pounds (42nd%) and is 32 inches tall (75th%)
*Maria had a great check up at the doctor. No concerns from Mommy or Doctor.
*She has all but 2 of her top teeth, and only her molars and front bottom two teeth on the bottom.
*Maria wears a size 5 shoe. We will be going show shopping soon, as the size 5 is getting a little snug.
*Maria is in size 4 diapers. She tells me when she poops and pees...I don't think I am ready for round 2 of potty training!
*Maria loves to eat. When she sees food is being prepared she starts fussing and tries to crawl into her booster seat.
*Maria eats pretty much everything. She loves fruit and dessert the most. She really does eat pretty much everything we put on her plate.
*Maria still naps once a day from around 12:30-3!
*Maria loves bath time....most days.
*Maria sleeps from about 8 to 7:30 in the morning!
*She will be moving into her toddler bed soon!
*She loves to sleep with her pillow pet and lots of babies.
*She has recently adopted Greg's habit of having a blankie with her for bed and around the house.
*She plays very well on her own, but likes to be around others when she plays. She plays very well with Greg. Yes, they fight...but overall, they get along pretty well.
*Maria talks A LOT! She attempts to copy anything and everything you ask her to. She puts several words together and is pretty good about pointing and communicating her needs with words as best she can.
*Maria has a very sweet personality and is always the first to respond with a hug or kiss when someone is hurt.
*She likes to brush her own teeth after we brush them.
*Maria is not the biggest fan of getting her hair done.
*She knows and points to all of the major body parts.
*She likes to play pretend kitchen...mainly to eat the pretend food.
*Maria is a GREAT when traveling in the car and does really well in the plane!
*She loves to color and play with playdoh.
*She has a hard time at Mass with us. She is rarely quiet, and by the time we stand for the Gospel, we pretty much have to take her to the back!
*Maria loves the camera and immediately says "cheese" as soon as she sees it!
*She likes to "sing" the ABCs. A is about the only letter she says correctly in the song! :-)
*She loves to play Mommy with her baby dolls. Feed them, change their diapers, kiss them.
*Maria does not do strangers well. She gets very upset when they try to touch her. (I guess this means I am doing something right...haha!)
*Maria is very dramatic. She can cry at the drop of a hat. She is also very stubborn. Like mother, like daughter.
*Maria sings in the car.
*She loves jumping into the pool. She often gets upset when you try to catch her.
Maria is such a sweet natured girl. We have been very blessed with two amazing, healthy children! She has been the perfect addition to our family, and our lives are better for having her in them. She brings so much joy and laughter to everything we do. Although I know the baby phase is over, the toddler craziness has been a blast....most of the time!
Sometimes life is tough...and you just got to take a nap where you can. 
And I thought I had bad hair days....hahaha!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We love...


Andrea comes to play with us every so often! We love having her visit. She lets us play with her phone and glasses because she is so nice! 
 Maria and Andrea checking out the iPhone.
 This is the best shot we could get....I took like 12 pictures! 
 Mommy and her babies! 
Such a stud in Andrea's glasses! 

Come play with us soon, Andrea! We love you! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Remember when...

...I used to blog??? 

Me neither. 

It's been almost 2 months...I've been a bit busy.

Three week vacation, planning a retreat for 29 people, putting on retreat for 29 people, getting things organized for my 29 people at a 2700 person conference, driving to MS, witnessing two of my wonderful friends get married, driving home from MS, and working on the Teen Leader retreat that is this weekend. I think I got some sleep in this time frame too...although it doesn't feel like it. Oh...and I hang out with Greg and Maria while doing all this! :-) 

So...I will be back later today...or tomorrow to blog again. 

Post to come: Colorado trip, Stuebenville Atlanta, Trip to MS

Be back soon....Promise!