His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, October 29, 2010

13 months!!

I can hardly believe another month has already flown by!! My sweet baby boy is growing up so fast, and has well left the infant stage he once was in just a few months ago!
Some updates on Little Man Greg!
*Greg is probably about 22 pounds, and around 33 inches tall! (long and skinny...just like Dad)
*He sleeps through the night (most nights) 815ish-730ish
*He takes 2 naps a day! A 2 hour nap in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon!
*He eats 3 good meals and has about 2 snacks each day!
*His favorite food is still chicken nuggets and pizza! He LOVES all fruit!! He also LOVES milk!
*Greg plays really well by himself!
*Greg does not like to be carried any where...he wants to walk by himself!
*Greg screams when we take him inside after he has been outside playing.
*When he is enjoying walking to the car, as soon as he sees the car he tries to walk the other way to stay out longer.
*Greg still loves his blankies! He really only uses his boopie (pacifier) when he is getting ready for a nap or bedtime!
*The only time he sits still is to read a book at night! :-)
*Greg is a ball full of energy and does not stop!! He is so curious about everything and always ready to explore!
*When he does not like where you are walking him to (or away from) he squats down and screams! This lovely toddler tantrum is not regular, but not so much fun to deal with in the middle of Target or other public places!
*Greg is obsessed with our phones, keys, and remote controls!
*Greg still loves bath time and is so much fun to watch splash around in the tub!
*He gives kisses on demand now...well, he still has to be in the mood, but when requests are made he will consider the request!
*He loves to come up in the middle of his busy play to kiss my leg or face! And then get right back to what he was doing!
*Greg only likes to snuggle before naps and bedtime!
*Greg knows where his belly is and when you ask him he pats his belly and makes the "b" sound! So CUTE!!
*His vocabulary consists of: mama, dada, yep, yay, hey, baby, "b" sound for belly.
*When we tell him "no" to get off the fireplace...he smiles and says yep! When we get up to move him and tell him no, he runs away laughing!
*Greg is in size 12 months clothes
*Greg is stubborn...and is VERY verbal when things are not going his way! I am not looking forward to these tantrums getting worse!
*Greg loves his books that make noise!
*He enjoys playing with all the Tupperware!
*Greg is one happy baby, and smiles all the time!
*If you sniff, he will lift up his foot for you to smell!! He likes when you respond, "POO...Stinky!!!"
*When he sneezes, and we say, "bless you!" He laughs A LOT!!
*When we say grace as a family, he laughs the entire time!
*We are still working with behavior at Mass...he just wants to be down and moving, so sitting still in a pew for an hour is not fun for him.
*We are brainwashing Greg to be an Auburn fan! He loves the shakers and car flags! He also loves when we sing the fight song to him! When we say WAR EAGLE, hey...he says hey back!
*Daddy and Greg like to push things around the house!
*Greg loves it when his Dad pushes him on his ATV around the house!!
We are so in love with this little guy! He is one sweet, well-behaved baby!! Although he is a ball of energy...we wouldn't want it any other way! He keeps us on our toes and always has us laughing!
God Bless Little Boys!! :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

This past weekend we ventured up to the mountains for a family day! We started off in Helen for some lunch, homemade fudge, and just to walk around! It was so nice outside, and we had a lot of fun, just the three of us.
Waiting patiently for our lunch. He was enjoying some goldfish, and clearly has a mouthful in this picture!!
Daddy and Greg decided to switch drinks for a while (after Daddy finished his)!! :-)

After our short visit to Helen, we headed to the Jaemor Pumpkin Patch. We walked around the Farmer's Market, and then made our way to the patch! The little man LOVED walking around!! He could have cared less about the pumpkins, and was much more interested in the dirt...typical boy!! He made sure he had a clump of GA clay in his hand at all times. He is very good at walking, but really got tangled up in all the vines on multiple occasions. He would stop only to touch a vine or a pumpkin. The pictures are not great because he seriously stayed still for about 1 second at a time...when he did stop on the rare occasion. After searching for our perfect pumpkins, we headed home! The little man threw a FIT as we left. He was refusing to go into the car, as he LOVES the outside. It is so hard to get him inside when we are at home or at the park, and this was 10 times worse!!!! He squatted down as I was holding his hand walking, refusing to move. I had to pick him up and he screamed at the top of his lungs letting everyone around us know that he was not ready to go anywhere!
Please note the dirt in hand! :-)
He was trying to roll this one!! He was not successful!
This is the best shot we got of him looking at the camera. He was in no mood to stop moving!
If only he were looking at the camera...
I LOVE this picture!! His outfit was super cute!! The onesie says Mommy's Little Pumpkin, which is oh, so appropriate since I have called him pumpkin/pumpkin face since he was born!
Just me and Daddy in search of the perfect pumpkin!
Holy cow...this is a my size pumpkin!
This one looks GREAT Mom!!
He wasn't too sure about the one Daddy found for us!
When given the choice of which one to take home...he chose....to run away back up the hill! (So we bought them both!)
Waiting for Daddy to pay!
NAPTIME!!!! :-) He decided he wanted his pacifier upside down!

We had a blast, and it was a much needed family day for all of us!!! :-)

Baby's 1st Haircut!!

On October 15, we went to take the little man to the "barber" for a little trim! Yes...you may be looking at my pictures of him, and think, "hmmmm?? Greg doesn't really have any hair!" Well I assure you, this money was well spent! :-) He needed a trim around the ears because he was looking a little not so cute little boy! In addition, he had tons of curls on top and in the back, and not a whole lot on the sides, so we got things evened out. There was no way I was going to tackle this mohawk shag on my own!
He was a little concerned sitting in the chair! He was not sure what was happening!!
Hmmmm??? Maybe I do need a trim!
Looking pretty studly!!
This water is dripping everywhere!!
And the finished product!!

I am going to post the video of the haircut tomorrow! It's HILARIOUS!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's My Party...

...and I'll have the best 1st birthday EVER! :-)
The playground was so much fun!
My little man loves to explore!
This is the best family shot we could manage!
Grammy and Papa bought me my own ATV!!!
I loved all my presents...but I didn't want to stray too far from my new big boy toy!
Well...this is interesting...it opens!
Smash cake! Happy Birthday to Greg!
It was really messy!
It tasted so yummy!
Daddy had to clean me up! I decided to paint my whole body with icing!