His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011: Twas' the Night before...

I just love Christmas Eve! The day was spent visiting with my family from Colorado, visiting Greg's family, Mass, and gearing up for Jesus' Birthday Celebration and Santa Claus!
Unfortunately, my hubby got sick! He got a terrible migraine while we were at his parents' house that morning. When the kids went down for the naps, I drove Greg home where he spent the rest of his day sleeping in our closet since it was the darkest room large enough to hold him. Poor guy. He was so upset to miss Christmas Eve because he only gets to spend Christmas Eve with us if it falls on a Saturday...so basically once every 7 years.
After I drove Greg home, I went back to the Koerners' and picked up the kids and we headed to my mom and dad's house. This year my Grandma, Pap, and Great Grandma came to celebrate with us. For as long as I can remember, we have always held fast to the Italian tradition of spaghetti for Christmas Eve dinner, and my Pap's homemade sauce and meatballs were DELICIOUS! :-) We hung out with them until Mass. I LOVE Christmas Eve Mass. I love the music, the readings, everything! Both of the kids were in the nursery the entire Mass (usually I get them to come to Communion with us so that they receive a blessing) since I had to get Communion for Greg at the end of Mass. It was a beautiful Mass, and even more beautiful since I got to celebrate Mass with my Grandma and Pap!
Greg, Maria, and I headed home after Mass and got ready for bed. And then Santa came...
Our stockings were overflowing...we must have all been VERY good!
We didn't put out all the presents, just the ones from Mommy, Daddy, and Santa. We piled the rest of the presents for all of our families in the car, so that we were ready to go in the morning to visit all of our families.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011: Santa Claus

We ventured back to BassPro a weeks and half before Christmas to have a a visit with Santa! We love BassPro Santa. He is free. For reals...FREE! There is NO sitting fee, you can take pictures with your own camera, and they take one and give you a 4x6 print of it FOR FREE! My hubby and I also think that this Santa is the best looking one in the area! :-)

Greg was very excited to see Santa. He did great with him last year, and this year was even better. In the professional picture he looks a little confused and he really wouldn't smile. But after picture taking, Santa talked with him and he asked him what he wanted. When we had asked Greg what he wanted from Santa, he has always told us juice...he's weird. Well...when Santa asked him Greg told him he wanted a BIG FRUCK...except he was was so excited, he didn't pronounce the R very well! Santa just laughed, and told Greg that he likes TRucks, too! :)

Maria...she was not a fan of Santa. At all. As I walked her up to him, she grabbed my arm tighter and tighter. As I pried her off of me, and sat her on his lap, and walked away....she LOST it! She was fine the second I rescued her from the jolly old man!

And the professional shot of 2011...

(This is a picture from my phone of the picture...my scanner is having issues...sorry it's kind of blurry!)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Growing Fast!

This sweet girl started taking her first steps around 10 1/2 months, and was a full time walker by 11 months. She is now practically running...crazy. With this being said, it was time for some shoes for our sweet girl. As many of you know, I refuse to buy my children shoes until they can walk pretty consistently. (I took too many developmental classes as part of my Special Ed degree...and having shoes on all the time can hinder little ones ability to walk early since they aren't able to feel the ground as well. This didn't bother me at all with Greg, but it was SOOOOO hard to resist with Maria since all the little girls shoes are so stinkin' cute!!)

So off we went with Grammy to Stride Ride to get some new shoes (about 2 weeks ago...late posting). I loved watching her with her new shoes...it's like I added hundreds of pounds to her legs and it was an effort to lift them up off the ground. HAHA! She is a pro now...although she still tumbles when trying to run in her shoes.
HMMMM...these are new!
And we are off!
She had to check them out...she likes to undo the velcro when she is in her carseat!

Two walking/running babies certainly has made life interesting. Maria is defending herself more around Greg which has caused some frustration on his part. They are both into everything all of the time, and they certainly keep this Mommy on her toes! Lots of tumbles and spills and collisions, but in the end...we are blessed to have two happy, healthy little ones who love to be active and on the go!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Boo and Papa

Greg loves his Papa! He LOVES to work with Papa in Papa's new office. He is fond of the highlighters, and anything else he can find in the desk! Papa does not get a lot of work done with Greg in the office....but how can you resist time with Greg sitting on your lap relatively still and content?
They work hard for the money!
Greg wanted my phone.
Back to work!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Operation Playroom Loft!

Our playroom is our formal dining room. True story. It works for us, and we don't have anything to put in the formal dining room anyway. :-)

I decided a couple weeks ago that it would be cool to have a loft in there to accommodate the crazy amount of toys my children have. We have gone through toy boxes, donated toys, and even donated some of the larger items around the playroom...and still...there is so much. I originally brought the idea of lofting the playroom up to my hubby, and he thought I was crazy. Maybe it was because I wanted the entire room lofted. I realized that this would be a crazy project, and so we talked realistically and came up with a reasonable idea! :-) Our next step was finding someone to financially support my vision...thanks Mom and Dad! And then we needed to hire the help.
We recruited cheap help. They work for beer. Thanks Papa and Pappy!
They worked hard!
Complete with carpet!
She thinks she is like 2 or something!
He loves it! :-)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


This girl is growing up way too fast! She plays peek-a-boo without me prompting!
She loves to grab something and hold it over her head. She waits for someone to notice, and say, "where is Maria?"
And then down the cover comes!
She has also started to say uh-oh when she drops things! AH! Time is flying!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I swear....

.....this cute boy (pictured below) will give me a heart attack before I turn 26 in June (or cause me to go grey prematurely!)

Tuesday night I tucked my sweet children in their beds, and off I went to get Mommy things done. I folded some laundry, worked on some paperwork for Mary Kay, and was balancing my check book when I heard a scream/cry. I had never heard this sound come from either one of my children before, and I quickly looked at the monitor to see which one was having some issues. It was around 10:15, and both kids had been asleep for over 2 hours. Maria was sleeping in her crib, so I changed the channel to Greg's camera, and he was moving...almost like he was readjusting himself...and then I did a double take...yep...I knew it! He was not readjusting, he was having a seizure. Lovely.

I jumped and ran as fast as I could to his room, swept him up on his side, and ran back to my room. As I was holding his body, I knew it was another febrile seizure (fever induced seizure from his temp spiking too quickly). His body was so hot. I grabbed my phone as I held him on his side and called my neighbor who is a pediatric nurse. I hung up the phone, and walked (okay, ran) downstairs with Greg in my arms to the door. I laid Greg down by the door as I opened it, Michael and Nicole were on my doorstep. Nicole and I stripped Greg by the door to get his body temp down, Michael called 911, and I ran and got my thermometer, medicine, and water....all the time praying that he would keep breathing...I didn't think I had it in me to do CPR round 2 on this sweet boy! At this point, it had been one minute...maybe 90 seconds since I gotten Greg from his bed. His seizure stopped, and it took him a minute to come to. I told Michael to tell the 911 dispatcher not to send the ambulance, as the seizure had stopped. I gave Greg a dose of ibuprofen, and took his temp. He was right at 100 degrees. Not super high....but these seizures are not about how high the temp is, just how fast it get there. This made me feel better since his last febrile seizure his temp was 103. I also was so glad he continued to breathe through the seizure. He was beyond tired, so we hung out by the door a little longer to cool him down, and then headed inside to get him back to sleep.

I sat with him on the couch, called my mom to have her pray, and got a hold of hubby Greg at work to have him come home. Little Greg kept falling asleep in my arms, but just would not stay asleep. Hubby came home from work, and at this point it was 11:30. I took Greg's temp again and it was 98.8...YAY! I asked him if he wanted to go to his room to lay in his bed. He said yes, so up we went. As we got upstairs, I went into my room to drop my phone on my bed, and then....he threw up EVERY WHERE!!! Grossness EVERY WHERE! Vomit on Mommy, vomit on Greggy, vomit ALL OVER the floor, his blankie, his stuffed animal...ewwww! This is the first time he has ever thrown up, and it was almost comical watching it happen. There was nothing I could do to stop it, and it was obvious he was confused (and scared) as to what was coming out of his face!

We got some water, and got changed, and he was asleep in minutes. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep that night, and was up every hour checking on him to make sure he was okay. Several days later, I am still not sleeping, and find myself lying awake at night just praying he never has a febrile seizure in his sleep ever again.

The next morning he woke up, and was fine. A low grade fever...but he was his normal, happy self. I gave him fever reducing medicine most of Wednesday and he has been perfectly fine since. I talked with his pediatrician and she told me several things:
1. Because Greg had his first febrile seizure before the age of 2, he had a good chance of having another one.
2. Because he has had another one, he will most likely have more...they can last up until age 5 (three more years??? AHHH!)
3. They look scarier than they are. There is no neurological or developmental issues with these seizures and the seizures do not damage his sweet brain in any way! (PHHEWWW!)
4. Keep washing hands, etc. because he gets these seizures when he had a virus that he can pick up from any where (playground, grocery cart, etc.)

Let me stand on my soapbox for a moment: PLEASE parents. Do not bring your children out and about when they are sick. If they have a virus with a fever they should not be playing at the playground, or in a shopping cart, or at the mall, or out to eat in a restaurant. They are contagious and spread germs. Although it may just be a fever that runs its course, they can still pass it on to other children. Maybe your child does not seem bothered by being sick....but they still need to be at home away from others. When you bring your child out, you risk the health of all the other people and kids around you. Some of these kids have seizures when they get viruses with fevers, so please do us all a favor and keep your sick kids away from the healthy ones. And done. Sorry...I needed to get that out of me.

Greg is doing just great now. I am terrified that another one will happen in his sleep and I will not hear him...which is why I lay awake at night....I know that I cannot put him in a bubble and he is a boy who gets into everything. I know that I can handle these seizures when they happen. It makes me feel better as I have heard from others who have had children with febrile seizures. My cousin Mark had 4 before he turned 5, and my mom's friend at work had two boys who had them often as well. Although they are common, I would appreciate prayers that we have no more! :-)
This sweet man is giving me a good run for my money...but I love him to pieces anyway! :-)

Watch Me Grow...11 months!

How is it that this sweet girl is a month away from being 1!???!! Time is simply flying and Maria is growing and changing every day!

*Maria is still probably around 20-21 pounds. I am guessing she is about 29-30 inches tall.
*Maria is squeezing into size 3 diapers, as we finish what we have left of this size before jumping her up to size 4.
*Maria is in size 9 months clothes still, but we will be transitioning into 12 months soon!
*Maria is still a very good eater. She eats three meals a day of table food, and two bottles (one after nap and one right before bedtime).
*Some of her favorites foods: chicken, anything with cheese, sweet potatoes, all fruit, all veggies...she really loves it all! :-)
*We tried to move her to whole milk two weeks ago...she wasn't ready...we plan on trying again when the formula we have left is gone.
*Maria has 3 teeth with a 4th one coming soon!
*She LOVES to have her teeth brushed.
*She takes 2-3 naps per day.
*Maria does well with bath time, but does not play long like Greg did (does!)
*She is a great traveler in the car and plane!
*She still likes her space when falling asleep. She loves her dog Violet for lullaby music as she goes down for a nap or the night.
*She is WALKING!!!! She has been consistently walking for almost 2 weeks now. Although she took her first step nearly a month ago, her confidence has come through, and she is all over the place!
*Maria climbs on everything.
*She likes to be barefoot. She takes her socks off and carries them around with her.
*She loves to clap.
*She waves bye bye when you say good bye to her or tell her night night!
*She hates having her headband bows in her hair.
*She is developing quite the personality and is very dramatic!! She cries if Greg makes her mad and then comes within 2 feet of her. She can turn her tears on and off like a pro!
*She is much more expressive when Greg takes things from her.
*She plays well on her own, but prefers to have you on the floor with her.
*Maria likes to put objects into containers. She LOVES to play with the Tupperware!
*Maria understands the word no. She gets in trouble for standing in her highchair. A lot.
*Maria drinks like a pro from her sippy cups.
*She loves to smile at strangers and LOVES the attention she gets from them. She puts on quite the show with lots of smiles and giggles.
*Maria is a very easy going baby.
*She gives kisses! So sweet and wet...
*She gives hugs by burrowing her face into your body.
We are blessed to be her parents and have loved watching her grow into such a sweet little girl! Her smiles and giggles bring so much joy to our lives!