His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Saturday, April 30, 2011


It was so great to go back to Auburn for a visit! My family in Colorado came down at the end of March and we took a day visit to the loveliest village on the plains! Going back brought so much joy to my heart! I LOVED college and everything about Auburn!

Greg enjoying his first corn nugget at Niffers!
Toomer's Corner! Auburn is so beautiful and the weather was perfect while we were there!
All I wanted from the visit was a picture of my kids in front of the trees at Toomers! Don't even get me started on how upset I am that my kiddos may never partake in the wonderful Auburn tradition of rolling the trees after a win!

Outside the stadium! Oh how I miss football games. The last time I was in Auburn I was 9 months pregnant with Greg! One day when I am rich I will get season tickets!
Eryn's pre Auburn attendance picture! It will look nice in a double frame when she is in her cap and gown after graduation! Eryn is a freshman in high school, and I may or may not be swaying her college decision! :-)
Ed and Ronda! Ed thinks Eryn isn't going to Auburn...I think he is wrong!

The day was great! Lunch at Niffers, a stroll around campus, Toomer's lemonade, and I had so much fun being the tour guide explaining all of the wonderful things about campus and showing off one of my favorite places! I have to admit I did not feel quite as cool strolling around campus with my massive double stroller! I cannot wait to take Greg and Maria to Auburn for a football game...maybe this fall for the little guy?? I sure do hope so! WAR EAGLE!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Boy Transition!

Adios Crib!!!

We have moved into the toddler bed! It's been a week, and pretty successful! I still rock Greg to sleep...I know, I know...new mommy mistake numero uno! I lay him down and he does GREAT! I put all of his Little People toys in his room. Why? To buy Mommy some extra time in the morning! This has not worked out as planned! We bought a gate to keep him contained, and this little guy HATES to be contained! He wakes up...sees he is gated in...runs to the gate, shakes the gate, and let's me know he is ready to get out. When he sees me he runs back to his bed or wants to play with his toys with me in the room with him...with the gate opened! :-) The same goes for nap time. Over the course of the week, he has gotten a little bit better with playing after naptime for a little bit! Hopefully, he will catch on soon!

Some of his Little People toys for entertainment!
A picture of him sleeping! I wanted to capture his first night in the bed, but did not want to risk waking him up so I took a picture of him from the video monitor! ;-)

I just can't believe how fast he is growing up! He is so sweet and I am so proud of him! He amazes me every day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Over it...

COMPLETELY over these storms! Since I have been a little girl, I have hated storms. I dislike the feeling of not being in control, and let's be real...I may be able to control a lot of things in my life...but not the weather! As a child I would lie awake terrified. As I got older I lied awake terrified and glued to the TV. And now, I lie awake terrified, watching TV, and praying my kiddos sleep through the craziness. So needless to say, I am currently awake, terrified, watching, and praying....and will be until about 2 am! AWESOME!

Really this fear is crazy, but something that runs so deeply inside of me...pretty much unexplainable. Nobody really gets it...and I'm okay with that...it's just part of who I am. My heart and prayers go out to those already affected by these storms. I pray for the safety of my family and all those in the path of this storm. With Greg working at night, I get super scared at night with these storms...solution? Off to mom and dads! I packed the kiddos up and we are having a slumber party at Grammy and Papa's tonight. This makes me feel a tad bit better, but really I'm still terrified. However, there is just something about having my Daddy around that makes me feel safe! :-)

Continued prayers for all those affected by these storms across the south! Jesus, I trust in you! :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And breathe...

...just breathe...

Greg very well may give me a heart attack before I reach 25 in June! Last Thursday, I was feeding Maria on the couch, and Greg was running around playing...just being his usual crazy self! As I was burping Maria I heard it get quiet behind me! "Oh, Greg," I called out...no response...hmmm?? What has he gotten himself into this time. I looked behind the couch and I saw him on his side, moving his arms as if he were clapping! He was not responding to me calling his name. Unusual? Yes! I laid Maria on the couch and ran behind the couch to Greg...and there was my precious baby, my life, my world in the middle of a seizure. My heart raced and the next two minutes of our lives flew by...

I grabbed him in my arms, keeping him on his side...and SCREAMED for my husband. He was down in seconds, swept Greg out of my arms, unlocked the front door, and ran across the street to our neighbors. Our neighbor is a nurse at a pediatrics office...and she was not home. As Greg ran across the street I called 911. Seriously, I was shaking so much that I had a hard time focusing on where the keypad was on my phone. I sat with my phone while the automated message came on telling me to stay on the line as all operators were busy! Seriously? 911 was too busy...lovely. At this point I looked up and saw my husband holding my baby who was completely limp in his arms screaming for help. He was screaming Greg's name over and over again. This terrible image of my husband helplessly holding Greg's lifeless body and screaming will never leave my mind...ever. He looked up at me and screamed, "he's blue...he's not breathing." He ran him back to me and laid him in front of me. I don't remember him being blue...I just remember thinking this can't be it. There is so much more to show you, to teach you, to love you. And then I began CPR. Two rescue breaths, two chest compressions, and another breath...and I heard him. GLORIOUS...the sound of snot in his nose. Another breath and his eyes opened...those beautiful brown eyes! He was out of it...so listless...he was with me...but he was not my bouncy baby boy. His breathing would shallow and I would breathe for him, and he would be back. In the meantime two neighbors had gathered and were also on the phone with 911 operators. (The above paragraph seriously was under one minute in real time.)

About two minutes before help arrived, Greg was responding to his name and was responsive to the fact that strangers were gathered around him. An ambulance, two firetrucks, and two police cars arrived and when I looked up a swarm of men in blue were rushing my front door. Greg was responding just as he should...but off we went in the ambulance to get checked out. He had a fever of almost 103. Lovely. Our ride in the ambulance was not so fun. Greg was not okay with people checking him out, hooking him up to machines, and giving him meds.

Upon arriving at the ER, we were put in a room and ran through the usual...vitals, medical history, what happened, etc. Bottom line after seeing the doctor: Greg had a febrile seizure. His fever came on so quickly and elevated so high so fast that his body seized. The whole not breathing thing apparently may happen with these seizures as well. They informed me that because he was not showing a number of certain symptoms, Greg most likely had one of the springtime viruses going around and we would see these symptoms play out over the next few days. And that it did. He had a stuffy nose and a fever for two days. Praise God it was nothing more serious than this!

Going home that night was a night of mixed emotions. The last several hours kept playing through my head and I could not help but to keep thinking how close I was to losing my little man over something as simple as a fever induced seizure. I was scared and as my adrenaline came down I was a mess of emotions. Even now, almost a week later, I replay all of this over and over in my mind. I cannot imagine my life without him, and the brief seconds when he was not breathing and I thought I was losing him were the scariest moments to date in my life.

Friday was a rough day as his fever spiked to 105, and never came down below 100. To my surprise he was his usual playful self with periods of rest in between his playing. On Saturday he woke up with a fever of 101, and came down about an hour after his meds were in him, and he has been fever free since. The doctor said he may have another one of these febrile seizures, and he may not.

And today...he has been. My little boy is his normal crazy self. He's getting into things, testing his boundaries, running around, taking time to love me, and being the sweet boy he has always been! We are blessed! It amazed me how fast the prayers came from friends and family all over the country! I am thankful for each one of your prayers, your thoughts, your texts, and your calls! We love you all so very much and are beyond blessed to have each of you in our lives!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Watch Me Grow...3 months!!

It is so hard to believe that she is already 3 months old! Time is just flying! She is so sweet and it has been so much fun watching her grow and develop! It is so amazing how much she can do now in comparison with last month!
*Not sure how much she weighs or how tall she is...we go back to the doctor at 4 months! She is probably around 24 inches long and 13 pounds-ish!
*Maria is now in size 2 diapers...I tried to finish the box of size 1 diapers but I could no longer cram her tushie in them!
*Maria is in size 3 month clothes!
*Maria drools A LOT! We have gotten out the bibs and she is always wearing one!
*Maria coos and smiles a lot!
*Maria is so close to laughing! She tries so hard...her mouth opens, but nothing comes out! We have only heard one little giggle!
*Maria loves tummy time and floor time with the floor gym.
*She is SOOOO close to rolling over...she gets on her side and hangs out there!
*She eats every 3 hours during the day.
*She naps throughout the day...I can always bank on a morning and afternoon nap that are at least 2 hours long. The rest of the naps are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour!
*Maria sleeps through the night. I always know when she is growing because she will wake up once to eat! She normally sleeps from 9:30-6:30, eats, and goes back down for about an hour!
*Maria is a sweet baby and just goes with the flow! She rarely cries!
*Maria is a great traveler!
*Maria likes bath time and loves to be massaged with lotion after the bath!
*She enjoys music and is fascinated with lights, fans, and bright colors!
*Maria holds her head up perfectly and is building lots of upper body strength.
*She sits up with support very well!
*Her eyes light up a room and have so much sparkle and personality in them! :-)

Around this time with Greg I had him beginning a schedule. Poor Maria is just being worked into Greg's schedule! So far it seems to be working out for her...she is so laid back and catches a nap in the car or a meal at times! :-) We are just so in love with her and can hardly believe the time with her is just flying by! Greg and I feel beyond blessed with these two cuties!

**More pics to come soon! I am on my Dad's dinosaur of a computer!**