His grace is sufficient for me, for power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's the little things!

First let me start by saying, I love my life! I would not trade where I am and what I am doing for anything! Nothing brings me greater joy than being there for Greg and Maria's firsts. Whether it's the first time sitting up or the first time jumping off of the coffee table...I treasure every moment! I am completely cool with many of the changes motherhood has brought into my life. I don't mind trading the Today Show for Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street, hot coffee for mildly warm/cool coffee because little hands want to be all over my cup, nice clothes for casual clothes with vomit, snot, dirt, etc,., pretty hair for ponytails, adult conversation for baby talk and big boy learning new words conversations, healthy food for chicken nuggets and hot dogs, staying up late for waking up early, etc. I may not know what is going on in the world today, but I know every little bruise, every little like and dislike, and don't miss a moment of my children growing up!

To be honest there is just this one, tiny, little thing I miss...

...going to the bathroom ALONE! Yes, that's it! If I could just pee by myself that would be great!

Going to the bathroom has become quite the event. It is no longer just something I do as a human, but could be considered an Olympic event with Greg. If I don't let him into the bathroom I listen to screaming, pounding on the door, and perhaps the occasional run and slam the whole body on the door! Apparently, Greg thinks I am doing something super cool and he would like to be a part of it...sign of potty training??? Yeah...I wish!! HA! Then there is the issue of Maria's safety. If Mom won't let me in...I will make the baby cry and then she will HAVE to come out of the super cool bathroom. It doesn't matter where I put her...swing, floor, pack n play...this crafty little man can get into everything! He creates towers of toys and crawls on them to hoist himself into ANY.THING!!!! If I let him, it's a little crazy...I mean it's like he KNOWS I am unable to get up and remove him from what he is doing wrong. For starters when it is just me with the kiddos I only go into the powder room bathroom downstairs. I cannot even imagine the things Greg would get into in the master bathroom...actually...I can imagine! In the powder room is this: toilet, sink, mirror, toilet paper holder, and trash can...THAT IS IT! So what's a boy to do: he can climb the sink like a monkey (this is out of reach to me when using the toilet...and he just laughs when I tell him no...AWESOME! He has now learned to turn the trash can over and use it as a step for climbing practically into the sink, that at any moment might rip away from the wall. Lovely. He is also quick with the toilet paper. We have learned this and we don't even keep the tp on the holder any more...so now he just takes the holder and pretends it is a microphone. He likes to try and twist it off of the wall as well! He also LOVES to flush toilets...whether you are on or not! He will go for that handle multiple times...this, thankfully is something I can pry his hands off! Our metal trash can also makes cool noises (and by cool, I mean terribly loud and annoying) when you throw it on the floor of the bathroom. It's also a lot of fun to take trash out...YUCK! What does he do with trash...runs...and throws it around my house.

Now here's the thing. The above listed things do not sound like a huge deal...but...he does all of these in the under 1 minute time it takes me to pee! It's crazy! I can only say no and stop so many times...he knows he has me beat...I cannot get up!

So really...it's the little things! I treasure my potty time when I have visitors, when hubby Greg is awake, or when I am at other people's homes. You know your a mom when you are at a rest stop with your family and you go into the bathroom ALONE and feel at peace and relaxed, despite the somewhat questionable conditions of the bathroom!

But in the end, these faces make it okay that using the bathroom has turned into something I look forward to doing alone...again...someday...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Handy Man!

I have to admit my hubby is pretty great about doing things around the house. He enjoys the hands on things like fixing toilets, building things, painting, etc. We decided this year to build our fence and deck! We were going back and forth on this because we really did not want to be in this house too long. We bought this house November 2007 and we really thought we would be out of our "starter" home this year. However, with the economy the way it is...and the fact that our house would sell over 30 thousand less than what we paid for it...we know we are not going any where in the near future. So...we decided to go on with our fence and deck. This was mainly to give them little man space outside. He LOVES to be outside but he is wanderer and explorer and needs containment! :-)

Greg (along with my dad, his dad, and some great friends) built our fence and deck!! It looks GREAT! They all did an awesome job! Greg's parents (Nannie and Pappy) bought the little man his birthday present early....a play set for outside!! It is pretty awesome! It has three levels, an awesome slide, 2 swings, a see-saw swing, a rock wall, and cute little picnic table underneath! My Mom and Dad (Grammy and Papa) bought him a water table!! The water table is tons of fun! :-)

Our backyard is looking great and it is so nice to have this space for the little man! I find myself wandering out there in the evening to enjoy some wine and work on school stuff! And maybe I go out there and swing by myself when the kids are asleep...

the play set!
our new fun deck...and Greg's grass looking super awesome!
View from the back door!
Greg being super intense with his pirate sounds! PS - for those of you who do not have water tables...this is a bathing suit event...not a "just get your hands wet" deal!
Being helpful while the boys were building! And by helpful, I mean taking all of the not so cheap screws and putting them in the holes of the railroad tie!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watch Me Grow...5 months!

5 Months! Check out those thighs!

Seriously...time is flying! It seems like only yesterday Maria was sleeping in swaddlers and napped all the time! :-)

So what is our little peanut up to these days?

*Maria will get her weight and height checked at her 6 month doctor appointment...I am guessing she is around 17 pounds! My chunky monkey still has her big cheeks...and even bigger thighs!!
*She wears size 6 month clothes in everything but onesies. She is 3-6 month for onesies, and a few of her 3-6 month outfits still fit just fine!
*She moved into size 3 diapers this past week!
*Maria drools a lot! We have a bib on at all times!
*Maria continues to sleep through the night. She takes a 45 min nap in the morning, an hour to two hour nap after lunch time, and two more cat naps in the late afternoon.
*Maria is now on the bottle completely (as of this week). My milk supply dwindled and she was not getting enough and not enough food equals a grumpy little Maria. She eats 4 ounces in the morning when she wakes up (around 8), 4 oucnes at 2/3, and 4 ounces around 5/6. She eats 4-6 ounces with oatmeal or rice mixed in around 8:30. At her 11/1130 feeding she has baby food! This was also just started recently. She has tried squash, sweet potatoes, and peas. She does not like the peas...AT ALL!
*On June 12, Maria got her first tooth! She has been teething soooo bad since then...she vomits a lot more after eating, and she has been running a little fever the last two days. She is still her sweet little self despite being in pain! What a trooper!
*Maria LOVES her thumb...she is one cute thumb sucker!
*Maria prefers to be left alone in her swing or crib to fall asleep.
*Maria is really into her cold and frozen teethers! She also loves her fake ring, her keys, and her baby doll blanket!
*Maria likes to fall asleep to her Violet playing soft music to her!
*Maria LOVES to watch Greg. She laughs the hardest when he is running around her. Sadly, the affection is only one way...Greg is pretty much just tolerating her existence at this point!
*Maria loves to be in her Exersaucer!
*She is very good with reaching and grabbing toys and holding onto them!
*Maria is sitting up without assistance for short periods of time. She still falls over when reaching for objects that are not in front of her.
*She loves to be in the car and has no issues being in the car seat or stroller!
*Maria goes with the flow and is so pleasant when we are out and about.
*She pushes her legs under when on her belly...I'm hoping crawling holds off...not sure I am ready for two moving babies!
*Maria LOVES bath time! She is such a splasher and just moves her arms and legs nonstop when in the tub!
*Her smile and laugh melt my heart!
*Maria loves to be in the ball pit!
*She loves to eat her toes!!

We are just so in love with Maria. It is such a blessing to be her parents! She is so sweet, always in a good mood, and rarely fusses! She is our little angel and we fall more and more in love with her and her sweet personality each day!
Hanging with her duck!
Ball pit fun!
Greg occasionally likes to check her out and make sure she is okay...or not playing with anything that is his!
Big girl on the slide!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's true, I've been out for a while! I guess I am way more busy than I thought this summer!! Between grad school, a week long trip to Williamsburg, and some family from CO in town...and running around crazy with my two little ones, I've been a little busy and have had ZERO time for blogging!!

But fear not...I will be back....just not today...or tomorrow...or unitl Thursday night! This week is busy, but filled with lots of great things! Tomorrow night I am leading a book club for the amazing SJN girls in youth group! Tuesday is GRAD school night...yuck!! Wednesday is my own book club...nothing better than refreshing my own soul with some great fellowship and discussion of faith and mommy things...and food! :-) Thursday I am speaking for the Atlanta college ministry, On The Deck! If your in college and in the Atlanta area come to GA Tech!

There will be tons of posts coming soon though...some things to look forward to: Greg's first big kid ride at an amusement park, Maria's first time in the pool, our trip to Williamsburg, Maria's 5 month post (a week late!), our new deck and backyard fun, and new pics of the kiddos!! Until Thursday...adios!